Consulting Services

Elder Care Planning for;
* Alternative costs of retirement communities and other housing.
* Death or disability of one or both spouses.
* Declining competency.
* Estate planning.
* Housing and care alternatives.
* Housing and support service needs.
* Services available in the community.

Evaluation of health care financing options:
* Annuities Medicare and Medicaid.
* Flexible spending accounts.
* HMOs.
* Long Term Care insurance.
* Medigap insurance.
* Reverse mortgages.
* Sale/lease back of home.
* Viatical insurance settlements.

Fiduciary Planning for:
* Advanced medical directives.
* Financial power of attorney.
* Guardianship.
* Living Wills.
* Surrogate designation,
* Trusteeship.

Family facilitation:
* Act as a ?go-between? between parent and child.
* Mediate/arbitrate family disputes.
*Provide objectivity for highly emotion issues.

Coordination of support and health care services:
*Lead a team of health care, legal and other professionals.

Other consultation services:
* Communicate expectations to care providers.
* Help family monitor care.
* Establish performance measurement systems. * Establish standards of care expected.

Assurance Services

* Audit third-party calculations, such as pensions, insurance and annuity payouts.
* Review and report on financial transactions.
* Review investment and trust activity.
* Review reports from fiduciaries.
* Test for asserters? adherence to established criteria.
* Evaluate and report on the performance of other outside parties, such as contractors.
* Measure and report on care provider performance against established goals.

Direct Services

* Confirm accuracy of provider bills and appropriate reimbursements.
* Ensure expected revenues are received.
* Make appropriate disbursements.
* Manage investment portfolio.
* Prepare employment tax returns for caregivers and other household help.
* Protect elderly by controlling checkbook and other assets.
* Provide gift tax preparation.
* Provide income tax planning and return preparation.
* Receive, deposit and account for client receipts.
* Submit claims to insurance companies.
* Arrange for transportation, housekeeping and other services.
* Manage real estate and other property.

Professional Guardians

If you have relatives who are unable to care for themselves and make their own decisions, we can assist your loved ones by helping you with Guardianship.

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