For the last 12 years I have been the Principal of a financial services practice that bears my name, Paul F. Nolan, CPA. My formal education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, university certificates in Financial Planning and Family Mediation, with 1,700 hours of continual professional education since college. I hold multiple professional licenses: Certified Public Accountant, Registered Investment Advisor, Stock Broker, Insurance Agent, Mortgage Broker, and Certified Mediator, as well as several Board designations: Certified Senior Advisor, Financial Planner (i.e. Personal Financial Specialist), and Certified Fraud Examiner. During my 29 years of Federal government service I was recognized by the judicial system as an “Expert Witness” in financial matters. I have provided testimony before two United States Senate Committees, frequent testimony before Courts in six Federal Districts, and in four State Court Systems. I am a retired FBI Special Agent, and a former American Diplomat (a Legal Attaché of the United States Department of Justice).


Over the years; while in business and government; I have had many discussions, led investigations, participated in Court proceedings, negotiated while assigned to the U. S. Senate and the White House, and engaged in diplomacy with foreign governments. For a long period of time, I lived in Washington and served as a DC Bar Association Mediator hearing cases involving disputes against attorneys brought by the public. My current Practice involves guardianships, trusts, and estates therefore I interact with the Probate Court, and have mediated Family Court divorce cases. I mediate property and casualty insurance issues on a regular basis. Because of my large volume of interactions with many wonderful people; some of whom were in conflict, and some engaged in criminal conduct, nothing discussed during mediation will likely be misconstrued, but rather will utilized to form a consensus.


By virtue of my preparation and experiences, I am comfortable leading mediations with people who understand the necessity and benefit of compromise.


A Paul Nolan led Mediation is scheduled as a result of his selection by an individual, a company or an appointment from a government agency.

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